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We are a people-powered campaign, which means we need your help to keep us on track to elect new leadership and to make history for Ward 3 in November. Chip in here to join us!

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The maximum campaign contribution amount Candidates receive for any election cycle
(in the aggregate)

County and Municipal Level Elected Official and Candidates
• Three thousand dollars ($3000.00) for a general election
• One thousand six hundred dollars ($1600.00) for a general run-off election.

No person, corporation, political committee, or political party shall make, and no candidate or campaign committee shall receive from any such entity, contributions to any candidate for municipal elected office which in the aggregate for an election cycle exceed the amount listed above.

Note: the aggregate of monetary and in-kind contributions from the same contributor must also not exceed the maximum contribution limits authorized by the Act.

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Friends to Elect Tracie Arnold
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